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Most cars and motorcycles over three years old need a valid MOT to drive legally on public roads.

Need an MOT? The fastest way to book one in is Caura – get reminded when your MOT is due and then book an MOT at one of over 6,000 trusted garages in no time

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When is my MOT due?

Check in Caura! We’ll automatically notify you when your MOT is due. All you need to do is:

1. Download Caura for free here
2. Sign up and enter your reg plate
3. Tap on 'MOT'

Caura will tell you whether your MOT is valid and the date your MOT is expiring. We will also send you early reminders to give you enough time to book an MOT.

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How to find an MOT garage near you

It’s hard to find a garage you can trust near you. We’ve made it easier than ever:

1. Pick a garage

Choose from 6,500+ garages, including main dealers and well-know national chains

2. Choose your work

Choose from MOT, Servicing (including Interim & Major Services), Repairs & Investigation work

3. Pick a time

Choose a time that works for you. We'll then confirm with the garage

4. Book it in

We'll handle all of the back-and-forth with the garage on your behalf
Caura will find available garages near you and get booked as early as the next day!

You can support your local independent mechanics or opt for an OEM main-dealer to get the manufacturer stamp of approval – we have them all.
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MOT Guides

Useful MOT guides

To help you navigate the test
MOT test explained
MOT test explained: Find out all you need to know about the MOT test, the different rules and regulations, MOT test results and more!
MOT checks for cars and motorcycles
MOT checks for cars and motorcycles: Discover all the different MOT checks as well as nine pre-checks you can do yourself to minimise the risk of failing
Understanding different MOT results
Understanding the different MOT test results: Not sure what your MOT test result means? We’ve broken it down for you here
MOT FAQs: Your quick guide to navigating the MOT test – read through the frequently asked questions here

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